Private Mentoring, Coaching and Consultation

Sharra has limited availability for private mentoring, coaching and consulting.

Are you....

Looking to up your mosaic game and need support in visualizing and identifying your goals?

Thinking about teaching mosaic classes?

Starting a mosaic business?

Taking on a commission and need help fine tuning your plan?

Leading a public art project?

Writing an artist statement?

Answering RFQ's?

Marketing on social media?

Pushing your work to the next level?

Sharra is available to support you!

Coaching and Consultation Rates:

Sharra meets with clients one-on-one by phone or live video. Any resources recommended by Sharra will be noted and emailed afterwards.

With nearly 20 years of diverse mosaic and business experience, my one-on-one, private consultations offer in-depth professional guidance, mentoring and support to artists on a wide variety of topics including:

  • pricing and selling art
  • mosaic design and aesthetic
  • private commissions (navigating pricing, agreements, mosaic technical info)
  • art fairs (applying to, preparing for, promoting)
  • events (open studios, boutique sales, ect)
  • marketing
  • social media
  • studio space design and set up
  • public art (facilitation, collaborating and the process of)
  • teaching (to children and adults in public and private spaces)
  • artist residencies
  • goal setting and check-ins

Recent consults:

#1. Artist seeking guidance on preparations for a private commission.
My questions for this artist and our discussion included guidance on:

  • lighting
  • hanging
  • transportation
  • project timeline (factored in unexpected injury and holiday season!)
  • design considerations
  • materials
  • substrate considerations
  • artist/client communication
  • framing
  • pricing

#2. Artist seeking guidance on pricing and teaching a class.
To determine the best cost of the class, my questions and our discussion included:

  • Time line (how long) of class
  • How many students
  • Cost of Supplies
  • Project idea
  • Prep work
  • Goal of class
  • Is it for beginner, intermediate or advanced students
  • Location- your home or....
  • Will a handout be provided
  • Who is finding the students and marketing the class

A consultation can save you time, money, mistakes and stress

Contact Sharra directly at [email protected] to book your consultation.

Your Instructor

Sharra Frank
Sharra Frank

Sharra (share-ah) Frank is an established mosaic artist in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her mosaic obsession began in 2000, while still an art student at the University of Minnesota. She worked from her kitchen table, creating small pieces to sell in local flower shops. With each small success her artistic vision grew and so did the scale and intricacy of her work. After making the leap to a private studio she continued creating the intricate, whimsical and inspiring mosaic mirrors and window hangings that are her signature. At the same time, she made the transition to full-time artist and never looked back. Sharra has several large-scale installations and murals throughout the Twin Cities area, has worked with high-end designers and clientele everywhere from Florida to California and has exhibited with the Mosaic Arts International and SOFA NY. She teaches beginning and advanced mosaic classes from her Minneapolis studio, online and around the US with mosaic educational organizations such the Society of American Mosaic Artists, the Institute of Mosaic Art.

View Sharra’s full portfolio of mosaic artwork, commissions and public art at

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