The next ONLINE Sculpted Mosaic Mirror Frame Workshop starts soon!
Registration closes May 2, 2015!

In 2014, I started teaching this entire process to my students, in-studio AND online. There are now 45 lifelong, inspired Sculpted Mosaic Mirror Frame students so far. My next online class starts soon.  You can do this too!

Fire up your creativity and create your own beautiful Sculpted Mosaic Mirror Frame with my guidance.

Registration for the next Online Sculpted Mosaic Mirror Frame Class closes on May 2nd. Sign up today and get started on your Inspiration Board, Frame Template, Tesserae Palette and Mosaic Design with the guidance of my 13 page Workshop Prep Info– a booklet of colorful information to help you plan and organize your unique piece.



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Join us for the next Online or In-Studio Sculpted Mosaic Mirror Frame Class!  To register for the online class, click on the button below:



The class will begin on May 1st, with an introduction to Phase One (see an outline of the Five Phases below).  A new Phase will be introduced each week through Monday, June 12, 2015.
Live Q&A Webinars will begin the week of Monday, May 4.  The first 1 hour webinar with Sharra is May 7th, 12pm, CST.
-The weekly Q&A webinars are recorded and posted after the call so students can access the call again later which is great for review or catching up if you are not able to be present for the webinar.

After registration, students are provided an inspiring Pre-Workshop Prep PDF, guiding them through designing and planning for their mirror frame, narrated with image samples.  There is also a detailed Materials & Resources Guide with direct links to all of my recommended products.  It is broken down per Phase so that students can gather supplies one week at a time, if desired.

When the class begins on May 4th, students will be able to access the class content by logging into the membership area of sharrasmosaicsecrets.com, with the login and password info that is provided.

Each Phase is taught through professional, detailed video tutorials and voiceover narration.

After the students have had a chance to take in the new Phase of class content, they can email questions or ask them live during the live Q&A webinar.  Sharra answers questions from students during the call-in and shares emailed questions with the group.  Students can also post questions, photos and communicate with Sharra and each other through the secret Facebook group.

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-This online class is completely at your own pace.
-Students have Lifetime Access to the class content.
-The class content is introduced through five Phases, one Phase per week.
Live Q&A Webinars once per week (recorded and posted after call in as well).
Private Pre-Workshop Project Consultation and Design Coaching with Sharra before Phase One begins
Private Final Workshop Consultation with Sharra in Phase Five.

Membership to a vibrant secret Facebook group full of supportive and enthusiastic students from previous workshops.

To Register:
Cost:  $950
Lifetime Access

To pay by PayPal or to make alternative payment arrangements, contact Sharra at 612-203-1560 or sharra@sharrafrank.com

Cancellation & Refund Policy
Cancellations made more than 30 days before the first class are 50% refundable, cancellations made less than 30 days before the first class are 25% refundable.  For online class only:  Non-refunded portions can be credited towards future classes online or in-studio.



This new intensive class experience is completely focused on my process of creating of a Sculpted Mosaic Mirror Frame .

In this workshop students will create their own highly customized Sculpted Mirror Frame using the trade secrets and innovative techniques that I’ve fine tuned and mastered since developing them in 2006.

My first Sculpted Mosaic Mirror Frame in 2006.

My first Sculpted Mosaic Mirror Frame, made in 2006.

My sculpted mirrors have been exhibited with esteemed shows such as the International Mosaic Art Exhibition, SOFA NY and have been featured in numerous printed and online publications.  I am commissioned to create custom mirrors, ranging from $2,500-$12,000 by designers around the country.  My work is found in the homes of professional athletes, a Hollywood film producer, an infamous rockstar, an eccentric benefactor, an art museum founder and many other lovely collectors.

Read more below for an overview of the workshop.


THE PLAN, Where do we start and how does it work?


Each student and I consult prior to the workshop to discuss their unique Sculpted Mirror Frame design.  Students will prepare before our consult by watching my video demonstrations and instructions, guiding them through creating an inspiration board, a frame template and pulling together a palette of mosaic materials.  We will discuss their vision, inspirations and plans for their project.


In the first phase of class, I present my discovery of the Sculpted Mirror Frame process, what lead me to it and why it was a game changer for my work.  I will share all the materials I use and how to cut, sculpt, build and shape them.  We will explore the different hanging options.  I will demonstrate how to sculpt arabesque curls extending off the frame and other sculptural elements that can be added to the frame.  We will then get to work on constructing our frames.

Day110734204_872878072752742_1081963329422863258_n (1)

In the second phase, we dive into the process of sculpting the frame, adding volume and dimension.  This is where the magic really starts to kick in.  I will first give the history behind the process, present different material options for sculpting, along with demonstrations and personal guidance.

Day210437511_873537386020144_7370099223345088273_n (1)

In the third phase, we explore the mosaic process.  From where to glue down the very first piece of the mosaic to the last piece.  We will discuss planning, designing and creating the mosaic.  I will share the different materials and techniques to use and I will also teach how to master the “swirl”.  We will learn about beads, which ones I prefer and how to use them.  Other topics include:  Background/ Foreground Design, Tips to Ensure Success, Avoiding Pitfalls, Design Inspiration and Working with Varying Heights in the Surface.


In the Fourth phase we focus on the topics of grouting and finishing.  We’ll discuss how to grout, grouting over beads, painting over grout, using paint as grout, coloring grout and not grouting at all. We’ll also review the finishing steps of the mosaic and sculpted frame process such as how to insert the interior mirror, finish the backside of the frame, the option of antiquing mirror, polishing, cleaning and maintaining.


In the fifth phase, we make a master plan for each student’s mosaic and how to proceed after the workshop.


In 2006, I was roughly five years into creating mosaics with a portfolio full of exciting pieces that had been featured in competitive juried art shows and high-end retail stores.

I was happily creating works with the same methods and techniques, focusing on exploring new designs and surfaces with each piece.  Little did I know that everything about the way I worked was about to change with a single commission.

After teaching a Glass-on-Glass class at a local art center, one of my students asked me to create a mirror for her home, which ended up being the most enchanting home I had ever visited.

Each detail of the house had been customized by an artisan, from the stairway’s iron handrail to the glass blown bathroom sink to the carved stone dock leading out to a lake in the backyard.

The collector had an eye for unique design influenced by the magic of nature.  She was an artist herself and requested that the mirror be baroque like, sculpted and full of detail.

She approved a quick sketch, handed over a swatch of fabric to inspire my material choices and was on her way.  I was left to figure out exactly how I was going to create the very large, sculpted, three-dimensional frame I had promised.  That key element, sculpted, had me stumped.

My mind couldn’t rest.  First, WHY had I never thought of going that direction before?  And second, HOW in the world was I going to do this?  In the end, I successfully brought volume to the surface of my handcrafted frames, taking my mosaic work to the next level and I haven’t looked back since.


I set off for the studio and didn’t come up for air for months on months.  I met with other artists, wandered the aisles of art supply stores, researched websites, devoured books and it wasn’t until a spontaneous brainstorm with a high school art teacher who worked with a local puppet and mask theater, happened by my studio during an open studio event that I found the path that lead me to innovative success.

I discovered and experimented with products and recipes that set my creativity on fire.

I rapidly implemented new techniques that were making this vision of a three dimensional, sculpted mosaic mirror, attainable, FUN and a reality.

After that piece, the buzzing source of inspiration created a surge of energy and I cranked out two more sculpted mosaic mirrors (“Tango” and “Chantily Lace”) in just eight weeks (all while working another job!).  I was hooked.


Since creating these first Sculpted Mosaic Mirror Frames, I have made dozens more.  In preparation for this workshop, I’ve combed through my vault of work-in-progress photos and have been delighted to find so many of my past projects documented.  I can’t wait to share them and so much more with you in creating your own.

Let’s get started!

Join me for the next Online or In-Studio Sculpted Mosaic Mirror Frame Class this SPRING, 2015!

To register online by credit card, click on the button below:

To register by phone or PayPal, contact me by email (sharra@sharrafrank.com)
or phone (612-203-1560).

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