Jeweled Mosaic Ornament Class
$150 Instant Unlimited Lifetime Access!

What makes this class unique?

For The Jeweled Mosaic Ornament Class I literally recorded myself, step by step, as I made the two ornaments in the video sample below.  Then I went back and voiced over exactly what I was doing, what tools I am using, what materials I’m using, and why. I went step by step from preparing my base to designing my ornaments, adding tesserae, grouting and finishing each piece.

It is designed just like my studio classes. It’s a two to three day project. And it also gives you new tools, techniques and skills that you can apply to any mosaic project you might be inspired to try.  And since it’s an online course you can access these materials again and again. Try different styles, designs and techniques with each new piece.

Quite a few of the things that I’m going to show you in this class are what I consider to be true “trade secrets” including what adhesive I use for three-dimensional surfaces to prevent tesserae from sliding, beading techniques that I incorporated in these ornaments, and a whole lot more.

In fact, the course includes twelve separate short videos, each of which will give you ideas, materials, tools, tips, tricks and techniques to apply to your next mosaic project.

Here’s a video preview and outline of this course:

  • Video 1: Introduction: Tools & Materials, Mosaicking Your Piece, Grouting & Finishing Your Piece
  • Video 2: Ornament Base: Materials, shapes and sizes to use for your base
  • Video 3: Ornament Hanger: Adding a hanger to your base
  • Video 4: Tesserae: Materials to use on your ornament
  • Video 5: Adhesive: This is a real “secret” I’ve kept for the past ten years, the “secret adhesive” I use on three dimensional surfaces
  • Video 6: Applying Tesserae: How to mosaic your ornament
  • Video 7: Finishing Tesserae: How to add the finishing touches to your mosaic
  • Video 8: Introducing Grout: What you need to grout the right way
  • Video 9: Preparing to Grout: How to prepare to grout a delicate piece
  • Video 10: Grouting: How to grout your jeweled ornament
  • Video 11: Cleaning Your Grout: Revealing your true mosaic
  • Video 12: Finishing Polish: How to make your piece shine!

How do you register?

By registering for this class you’ll receive INSTANT UNLIMITED LIFETIME ACCESS to all the videos in the password protected member area so you can watch it again and again and apply different tips, techniques and styles to each new piece. The price for this class is $150.

You can register here through my secure registration page:

I’m really excited to be offering this class and I hope to hear from you soon and let me know what you learned, what else you want to learn, and, most importantly, send me your pictures of what you’ve done!


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