Mosaic Mirrors with Sharra Frank

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This class includes a 2 hour video, joining Sharra in her studio (previously recorded on zoom, live with students) for an overview of her Mosaic Mirror design inspirations, design strategies, material resources (plates, beads, glass and more!), what adhesives to use and when, grouting and more.

Also included is a Mosaic Mirror Supply & Materials Guide, a 4 Page PDF full of direct links to shops, products and materials recommended. Also included are tips on sourcing vintage china, helpful APPS for estate sales and also photo editing apps and tips. Tips on collecting mosaic materials based on size and shape are also included.

Sharra gives an introduction to her start in mosaics, the development of her signature mosaic mirrors and the tools, adhesives and tesserae (mosaic materials) that she uses to create her mosaic mirrors and share important tips and tricks for successful outcomes.

This class is for beginner and experienced mosaic makers.

Video Timestamps
0:01 Introduction
My start to mosaics was inspired in a college art class...
First ever tile mosaic made with free scrap tile, a hammer and Elmer's Glue in 2000
6:30 Slideshow Presentation begins
First Mosaic Mirrors- Full Length and Large Scale
First Commission for a Sculpted Mirror
Teaching Sculpted Mirror Classes
Development of today's Sharra's Shapes Mosaic Frames
10:51 Preparing Your Workspace, Material Storage
11:50 Preparing Your Frame
13:27 Frame Edges: To Mosaic or Paint
17:00 Mosaic Design Considerations
18:00 Mosaic Materials
19:30 Mosaic Tools
23:15 Adhesive
24:11 Glass Scoring & Gold Leaf Glass
25:09 China: Sourcing & Saftey, Online Auction Finds, EstateSales.Net App & Alerts- how to use and what to look for
32:20 Beading
33:10 Dimensional Options & Sculpting
35:12 Grouting
38:10 Finishing Touches and Favorite Products + Sharra's "magic eraser" solution
42:04 Display Tips & Ideas for Staging your Finished Mirror
43:25 How to Photograph a Mosaic Mirror + Helpful Tips & Editing Apps
48:30 May 30th, 2024! Save the date for follow up Class Meeting for further Questions & Progress Sharing
50:45 Demonstrations- Glass Scoring
52:15 Mosaic Wheeled Nippers- Different Brands
1:01:00 Applying Glass to Frame Edge
1:05:00 Beading the Edges to Outline the Front of Frame
1:10:00 Apoxie Clay- About, How To Mix, Adding Colorant
1:17:00 Applying Beads into Apoxie & Handling Strands of Beads
1:24:00 Applying Rhinestones into Apoxie
1:28:00 Removing Extra Apoxie
1:30:40 Mosaics by Maria online shop and Favorite Products
1:35:36 Tracing Paper & Graphite Paper for Design Planning & Transfer
1:38:00 Cutting Plates- Tools & How To
1:48:00 Shaping & Fitting Plate Pieces
1:53:00 Q&A

Not Included:
Sharra's Shapes Mosaic Mirror Frame (sold separately)
Mosaic Supplies (recommended supplies provided in PDF guide)The skills learned in this class can be applied to any of Sharra's Shapes mosaic frames and a variety of other mosaic projects.

Your Instructor

Sharra Frank
Sharra Frank

Sharra (share-ah) Frank is an established mosaic artist in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her mosaic obsession began in 2000, while still an art student at the University of Minnesota. She worked from her kitchen table, creating small pieces to sell in local flower shops. With each small success her artistic vision grew and so did the scale and intricacy of her work. After making the leap to a private studio she continued creating the intricate, whimsical and inspiring mosaic mirrors and window hangings that are her signature. At the same time, she made the transition to full-time artist and never looked back. Sharra has several large-scale installations and murals throughout the Twin Cities area, has worked with high-end designers and clientele everywhere from Florida to California and has exhibited with the Mosaic Arts International and SOFA NY. She teaches beginning and advanced mosaic classes from her Minneapolis studio, online and around the US with mosaic educational organizations such the Society of American Mosaic Artists, the Institute of Mosaic Art.

View Sharra’s full portfolio of mosaic artwork, commissions and public art at

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
We are meeting live on May 17th from 2-4pm CST via Zoom. The class will be recorded and shared here afterwards. Students will have forever access to the recording.
How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

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